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Volcan el Cuervo

Volcan el Cuervo is one of the volcanoes on the island of Lanzarote. And hiking on it is different from the hikes in the mountains.

Why is it Different?

Volcan el Cuervo Lanzarote

The first time you hear of a volcano, what comes into the mind is the eruptions. But here, this is not the case. Even though it is a hike on a volcano, it is rather safe.

Besides, this hike does not require a lot of planning and acquiring some techniques to hike.

✦ Where is the Volcan el Cuervo in Lanzarote

Lanzarote Island

This volcano is located in the same area as the Mt. Negra and Mt. Colorada. Together with these mountains, they form one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

✦ The Excursion at the Volcan el Cuervo

Volcan el Cuervo Lanzarote

Once you are at the entrance, there is a nice park to walk on before getting to the volcano.

And in this park, there is a designated route that leads to the Volcan el Cuervo. The only precaution is that walking into the areas away from this path is strictly prohibited. There are also numerous boards on the way to remind the visitors on the same.

✦ How is the Path Volcan el Cuervo, Lanzarote?

Volcan el Cuervo Lanzarote

This is a straightforward path and it leads to the inside of the crater. It is suitable for people of all ages. Just ensure that you wear closed shoes.

Along the path, there are boards with information on the formation of this volcano and the landscapes in the area.

✦ Are there Volcanic Eruptions?

There are no volcanic eruptions and the last one occurred around the 1800s. This means that it is classified as dormant.

✦ The Flora and Fauna

Volcan el Cuervo is unique in nature. There are no plants and this makes it easier to explore it.

✦ Inside the Crater

Volcan el Cuervo Lanzarote

The inner part of the crater will definitely blow your mind. This is the point where all started in the formation of the Volcan el Cuervo.

✦ Some Tips For Volcan el Cuervo, Lanzarote

Volcan el Cuervo Lanzarote
  • There is a free parking lot
  • No restaurant or cafe
  • There is no shade thus carry sun hat and shades
  • Bring with you water