You are currently viewing Los Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote

Los Jameos del Agua is an attraction that you can not miss out on to see it while on the island of Lanzarote.

✦ Location

Lanzarote Island

This is a tourist attraction that is located in a volcanic cave in the northern part of the island.

✦ What is in Los Jameos del Agua?

Jameos del Agua Lanzarote

This cave has different spaces that have different architecture and design. And each of the spaces in it has its own character.

The natural light from the openings of the cave is used to brighten the spaces.

A visit to this place offers an opportunity to explore all the spaces as one whole. These include:

✦ 1. The Lake

Jameos del Agua Lanzarote

After entering Jameos del Agua, there is a path that leads the visitors to a space that has a huge cave.

In this cave, there is a small in size and salty lake that is connected to the ocean. This is the natural habitat for an endangered species of crabs that are found only on this island.

Jameos del Agua

There is a restaurant and a cafe where you can enjoy a meal or beverages while admiring the features of the cave and the lake.

✦ 2. A Pool

Jameos del Agua Lanzarote

The route leads to a very different space from the cave. This still in a cave but it has an open roof.

In this space, there is a beautifully designed pool that is blue in color. It is not allowed to swim in it but it is worth all your attention.

This is a space that is ideal for weddings.

✦ 3. The Auditorium at Los Jameos del Agua

Jameos del Agua Lanzarote

At one of the ends, the path leads to a huge auditorium that is in a cave.

This is an inspiring space that is used for concerts, shows, just to mention but a few.

✦ 4. A Center For Research

Jameos del Agua Lanzarote

On the site, there is a space for a center for scientific research. This involves the volcanlogical and geological studies on the island.

✦ Some Tips For Los Jameos del Agua

Jameos del Agua Lanzarote
  • Accessible by means of public transport ( Bus No.9 )
  • You can also rent a car to visit the place
  • There are also Bus Tours on the island
  • Great for a destination wedding