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Sfentoni Cave is a big cave on Crete Island that is opened to the visitors of this Greek Island.

✦ The Journey To Sfentoni Cave

Sfentoni Cave

The journey alone (back and forth) from the main Cretan highway E75 to the Sfentoni Cave is an exciting adventure. This is because it is a beautiful scenic drive that passes through many Greek villages. It has a glimpse of rural areas of this island.

The Sfentoni Cave

The place has a big parking lot, with clean toilets, souvenirs’ shop, and a restaurant.

There can be a queue but don’t worry, you can wait at the restaurant for the next tour.  Meanwhile,  you can enjoy some nice homemade scoops of  Greek ice cream. This is nice ice cream but at a “the tourists’ prices.”

Besides, you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic views across the region and the surrounding villages.

Sfentoni Cave

✦ How is the Sfentoni Cave Adventure?

Sfentoni Cave

The tour to the cave is with a local guide. He is responsible for both the visitors’ safety and the protection of the cave. This is a well organized and informative tour.

✦ Inside the Cave

Sfentoni Cave

The walk into the SfentoniCave is nice and it allows the visitors to enjoy its natural beauty made from the mineral water drops. This cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites, colored by additional illumination effects.

✦ The Rooms in the Cave

Sfentoni Cave

There are several rooms are located in the cave, and they are all of them great in their own way. It is cool in there as you would expect from a cave, perfect for a hot summer day. 

✦ The Accessibility to the Cave

Cave in Crete Island

The cave is easily accessible even with children because the paths are fitted with metal walkways. Where it can be slippery, the guide will give an alert upfront.

It’s well worth a visit and worth the time to get there. 

Cave in Crete Island

Some Tips

the lighting in the cave
  • The parking is free
  • Hire a car, it is cheaper than the bus tours

Additional Information:

Entrance Fee: 5€


Opening hours:

Summer: From 10th April to 30 th October (From 10.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m)