The Experience From Sfentoni Cave Crete Island

While in Crete Island, the experience from the Sfentoni Cave should be on your list of adventures on this island.

This cave is one of the caves on the island that are open to the public as tourist attractions.

Sfentoni Cave

The Journey To Sfentoni Cave Adventure

The journey alone (back and forth) from the main Cretan highway E75 to the Sfentoni Cave is an exciting adventure. This is because it’s a very beautiful scenic drive and the infrastructure is in good condition.

We drove through many Greek villages and we had a glimpse of Crete’s rural areas.

Own Experience From The Sfentoni Cave Adventure

The facility is well organized with good parking, clean toilets, souvenirs’ shop and a good café, which we didn’t expect.

Unfortunately, we had to wait for about 45 minutes at the cafe for the next tour.  Meanwhile,  we decided to enjoy some nice homemade scoops of  Greek ice cream. The ice cream was great but a little bit pricey maybe because of “the tourists’ prices.”

Consequently, we also enjoyed the beautiful panoramic views across the region and the surrounding villages.

Sfentoni Cave

✦ What to Expect From The Adventure

The tours to the cave are with a local guide, who is responsible for both the visitors’ safety and the protection of the cave. It is a well organized and informative tour.

Sfentoni Cave

The walk into the SfentoniCave is an impressive one and that allows the visitors to enjoy its natural beauty made from the mineral water drops.

Sfentoni Cave

There are several rooms are located in the cave, and all of them are great. The cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites, colored by additional illumination effects.

Sfentoni Cave


Cave in Crete Island

The cave is easily accessible even with children because the paths are fitted with metal walkways. Where it was slippery, the guide warned us upfront. It is cool in there as you would expect from a cave, perfect for a hot summer day. 

It’s well worth a visit and worth the time to get there.  Another reason for you to add this to your bucket list!

Cave in Crete Island

Some Tips

  • The parking is free and near the premise
  • Hire a car so that you can explore a little more
  • There is a restaurant
the lighting in the cave


Thank you for stopping by and stay positive! 

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