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Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace is located in Hietzig, which is the 13th Municipal District of Vienna.

Hofburg Imperial Palace Vienna Austrai

✦ A Visit To The Schönbrunn Palace

This palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also one of the most important historical monuments of Austria as a country and the most visited historical attractions in this city.

Schönbrunn Palace Vienna Austria
The Garden

✦ What To Do At The Schönbrunn Palace

There is so much to discover and to enjoy while you are in this palace.

Just that you should ensure that you have ample time to explore all the details of the entire estate. The following are some of the attractions that you should not miss out:

Schönbrunn Palace Vienna Austria

1 ✦ The Grand Tour Of The Palace

Certainly, this is a great place to start your tour while in the city of Vienna. This because this palace is one of the finest examples of baroque architecture in the city of Vienna.

✦ Own Experience From The Grand Tour

The grand tour of the Palace is something that I really enjoyed.

This is an audio-guided tour through the 40 staterooms on the Schönbrunn Palace. Besides, the tour provides insights into the history of the Habsburg’s family.

Moreover, each of the staterooms is magnificent in their own way.

Schonbrunn Palace

This tour gives a lot of about the palace and how each room was designed.

The icing on the cake was the visit to the exquisite apartment of Maria Theresa. And despite her modest lifestyle, the rooms are still grand with amazing details.

Unfortunately, it’s not allowed to take pictures in the palace

2 ✦ The Gardens of Schönbrunn Palace

The Gardens of Schönbrunn Palace

The gardens of Schönbrunn Palace are popular with both the locals and visitors to the city of Vienna.

In fact, they are as beautiful as the palace. This Vienna’s second-largest park offers a space for a picnic, resting, reading and even playing with your friends.

The Gardens Schönbrunn Palace Vienna

3 ✦ The Neptune Fountain

Neptune Fountain Vienna Austria

This is a beautiful fountain located in the gardens of the palace.

4 ✦The Gloriette

This a marble summer house with an imperial eagle. This makes the palace’s Imperial Gardens very attractive.  

Gloriette Vienna Austria

It houses a café and an observation deck. This offers the panoramic views of the city of Vienna, the palace and the gardens.

Schonbrunn Palace

Last but not least, the complex includes many more attractions which include:

  • Schönbrunn Zoo
  • An orangery
  • The Palm House
  • A botanical garden
  • The Privy Garden
  • The Desert House
  • The 32 sculptures which represent deities and virtues
Vienna Austria

Some Tips

  • To access the gardens is free of charge
  • You can buy tickets online 
  • There are tickets machines to purchase tickets in advance at the entrance hall
  • You can choose the short or long tour