Experience From Sagrada Familia Cathedral
La Sagrada Família

Sagrada Familia Cathedral is a key tourist attraction and one of the most striking monuments to experience in the city of Barcelona.

Why I love Barcelona

My first time in Spain was in Madrid. And I fell in love with the city from the street performers to the food scene, to the laid back lifestyle, to the history, to the weather and to the plethora of activities.

One year down the line, we were back in Spain. And this time it was a visit to Barcelona. The truth is, I fell in love with the city of Barcelona too.

Barcelona, Spain, 

Without a shadow of a doubt, this city is full of unforgettable sights and monuments. Besides, it’s home to one of the world’s most beloved soccer teams, Barcelona FC. 

Barcelona, Spain

Why You Should Visit Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Sagrada Familia Cathedral is one of the most famous buildings in Barcelona. It is a large Roman Catholic church that is still under construction to date. It is one of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

On the last day of our visit to the city of Barcelona, we decided to visit a church. This is because it was on a Sunday and it was also on our list of things to do while in this city.

✦ How To Get To Sagrada Familia 

Address: Mallorca Street 401, 08013 Public bus: Mallorca / Marina: 19, 33, 34, 50, 51, H10 Metro: Lines 2 and 5. Sagrada Familia Station

✦ The Experience From Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Certainly, seeing this wonderful building was an astonishing, impressive and breathtaking experience for me. 

The construction has been ongoing for more than 135 years, but
the structure is surreal even in its unfinished state.

It is full of interesting history and an absolute must-see for every visitor to the Catalan capital.

Some Tips For Sagrada Familia Cathedral Experience

  • Easily accessible by means of public transport
  • Like any other big city, watch out for the pickpockets
  • Almost all stores, markets and restaurants are closed on Sunday
  •  Buy your tickets online in advance to save time
  • Watch out for the classic tricks used by conmen
  • There can be a queue

Thank you for stopping by and stay positive! 

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