You are currently viewing The Packing List For An African Safari

It can be challenging to have the correct packing list for an African safari. This is because it depends on many factors.

The following is the list of the most basic items that should be on your list:

✦ 1. Comfortable Pair of Walking Boots

The boots don’t have to be hiking boots. They can be a wedge or knee boots or ankle boots but preferably in leather.

This will not only keep your feet warm but it will at the same time protect your feet too. Besides, they are easy to clean after your safari adventure.

✦ 2. A Pair of Binoculars

African safari

Whether it is your first time going for a safari or even more times, it is evident that no one can predict where the wildlife will be.

One time you can be so lucky and during the first game drive, you get to see the wildlife in front of you. This doesn’t depend on the fact that you have the best travel company or with the best guides.

But with the help of the binoculars, if the wildlife is far away, you will still get to see it too.

✦ 3. Add Water in Your Safari Packing List

African Safari

Even though most of the safari tours companies provide their clients with the drinking water, it may not be enough for days.

Just let the guide know that you want to go to the supermarket at the beginning of your journey. He will stopover for you to get the water on the way.

✦ 5. First Aid Kit

It is important to have this just in case there are minor injuries. In this kit, you can add the skin rash cream in case of an insect bite, Imodium, insect repellent, anti-malaria medicine, and brufen.

Before traveling, confirm with your doctor, if they’re required measures or injections or pills that you are required to take.

✦ 6. Safari Sun Hats

Safari Sun Hat

Even though many safaris in Africa are done by the use of the jeeps and vans, you will be at some extent exposed to the sun depending on the time of the day.

Just in case you forget to buy one, these hats are sold in many of the parks. But of course at a touristic price.

✦ 7. Add a Jacket on the Safari Packing List

African Safari

This is very important and it doesn’t matter what season the country is in. In the parks, it can be windy and in the evening, the temperatures cool down.

In the rainy season, it can even be worse. Thus, get yourself a not a so heavy jacket and in less bright colors.

Many of the roads in these parks are not tarmacked and therefore in the warm seasons, they can be dusty and you don’t want to have the dust on your bright clothes.