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Montijo is one of the beautiful areas in Lisbon, Portugal. This is a place that will make you pack your bag and travel to catch its glimpse.

The following are the top things to do while in Montijo:

✦ Lisbon Oceanarium

 Lisbon Oceanarium

This is an aquarium in the city of Lisbon that showcases the natural wonders from the ocean and the world of the sea.

A visit to this aquarium is a perfect way to spend half of a day on your vacation in this Lisbon. It is a large, well designed and must-see aquarium in Europe.

Also, it is worldly known to host the sea otters.

✦ The Vasco da Gama Shopping Center Lisbon, Portugal

The Vasco da Gama Shopping Center Lisbon, Portugal

This is a large and nice shopping mall that has numerous stores, restaurants, and the cinema. It is located not far from the Oriente Train station.

Given that this mall has a lot of options, it is a nice spot to stop by while in this area with or without kids.

✦ Telecabine Montijo, Portugal

Telecabine Lisbon, Portugal

This is one of the activities to do with kids of all ages while the city of Lisbon. It can be combined with a visit to the Lisbon Oceanarium.

The cable cars run for about 10 minutes while offering visitors a panoramic view of the Parque Das Nacoes, Tagus River, MEO Arena, the Lisbon Oceanarium, and the Vasco Da Gama Tower.

You can choose to either buy a one-way ticket or two-way ticket at a reasonable price. Also, the services offered here are great.

Afterward, you can choose to take a walk in the park.

✦ Lisbon Oriente Station

 Lisbon Oriente Station

This is one of the best well-designed railway stations that will welcome you to the East side of the city of Lisbon.

The station links different parts of this city. It has also easy access to both the locals and visitors alike, to different modes of public transport from the high-speed trains to the metros.

And to save some money while traveling, this is the cheapest way to travel from the airport or from the city center, to this part of the city.

✦ Vasco da Gama Tower and The Bridge, Montijo Portugal

Vasco da Gama Towers

These are beautiful landmarks in Lisbon and they are modern compared to the old part of the city.

The tower has a beautiful architecture. Unfortunately, you have to enjoy all the beauty from outside or while riding the cable cars because the tower is currently closed.

Vasco da Gama Bridge is long, modern, and smooth. This is a bridge that offers different views of the city from all directions. You can’t miss out on a drive on this impressive construction.

Telecabine Lisbon, Portugal