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The Mirador del Rio is a viewpoint that sits on the island of Lanzarote. This island is one of the Canary Islands.

Mirador del Rio

It is a viewpoint that honors nature in style. It also at the same time an inspiration for modern architecture.

✦ Location of the Mirador del Rio

Lanzarote Island

This is located on the cliff which is approximately more than 400 meters high in the North of Lanzarote Island.

✦ The Architecture

Mirador del Rio

The architect by the name César Manrique was tasked with the building of this viewpoint. This is a project of the 20th century that relies on modern architecture mixed up with nature and art.

Mirador del Rio

The building is embedded in the landscape in that the outer facade camouflages with nature, but still, it has sufficient natural light and the views to the outside.

The shape and the composition of the building rely on steel, concrete, and glass. These strong structural abilities prevent it from collapsing or from causing damage to the building and the viewpoint.

Mirador del Rio

Inside the building, it will wake you to a big surprise of a space that has modern design and art. In this space, there is a restaurant and a gift shop.

Since the completion of the project, the site serves as one of the top tourist attractions in the North of Lanzarote.

✦ The Viewing Bay at the Mirador del Rio

Mirador del Rio

There are a lot of areas to have different panoramic views and from all the sides and they are all stunning. The max of this adventure is observing the area from the rooftop.

Lanzarote Island

This is one of the best views that you can’t miss out on while in Lanzarote. This will blow up your mind because they are great views inside and out wrapped up in a genius architectural design on a cliff.

Lanzarote Island from the  Mirador del Rio

✦ Some Tips

  • This is a photography paradise
  • There is a huge free parking area
  • You will pay an entrance fee to access the top and it is well worth it
Views from the  Mirador del Rio