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Oceanario de Lisboa

Lisbon Oceanarium is a big indoor aquarium that celebrates marine life.

This is a place to enjoy watching and learning about the seas and the ocean’s life. At the same time, it raises awareness of the protection and preservation of the seas and the oceans.

✦ What to Expect From Lisbon Oceanarium

Oceanario de Lisboa

It has a big range of marine life from all over the world. Some of these include:

  • Seabirds
  • Large mammals from the sea
  • Different types of fish
  • Marine plants
  • Marine organisms
Oceanario de Lisboa

The Lisbon Oceanarium has a number of tanks for exhibits. The main exhibits have very large tanks that have large windows. These windows are quite large to ensure that the visitors can enjoy and don’t miss out on any of the experiences throughout their visit.


One of the unique types of fish that is in this aquarium is the sunfish. This fish is found in very few aquariums in the whole world. This is because this type of fish requires a lot of special attention and care.

Last but not least, the other unique marine mammal in this aquarium is the sea otters. The sea otters are known for their fur and floating by use of their backs.

✦ Own Experience From The Aquarium

Our experience from this aquarium was a little different from others that we have visited. The fact that even if it is crowded, they are a lot of viewing bays that have great views.

Oceanario De Lisboa

There is also a lot of information and videos to watch on how to protect marine life which I found that is great.

The highlight from Oceanario de Lisboa is watching the otters being fed while floating with their backs.

Sea Otters
Sea Otters

There is a temporary exhibition from a Japanese designer who combined the sights and the sounds of marine life. This is a great, short and unique project.

Oceanario de Lisboa

✦ Some Tips For The Lisbon Oceanarium

  • While in this area try out the cable car too
  • You can access the cafe from the outside
  • Give yourself more time
  • The aquarium is modern and has lots of spaces to sit