One Day Safari In Lake Nakuru National Park

Are you visiting Kenya just for a few days and you want to experience a one-day safari? Then Lake Nakuru National Park is a park that you can consider.

✦ Is Lake Nakuru Worth a Visit?

Tsavo East National Park

Lake Nakuru is well known for having flamingos along its shores. But the main reason why Lake Nakuru National Park is ideal for the safari for a day is that this park isn’t that far from Nairobi.

✦ The Flamingoes at the Lake Nakuru National Park

As per today, the numbers of flamingoes are not as huge as it used to and the water levels in the lake have risen. There are also other species of birds in this park.

✦ The Safari at Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park

This park is one of the parks in Kenya that is home to the big five. And it is ideal to get close to the endangered rhinos. Likewise, the warthogs, zebras, and other large mammals an also be spotted.

As the jeep gets into this park, you will spot the wild animals right and left. The first to spot are the warthogs and zebra which graze on shorelines of the Lake Nakuru.

Also, the herds of water buffaloes graze not too far and you can’t get enough to watch the birds perch on their backs to peck and pick out ticks. The rhinos also graze not far from the lake.

The baboons are in several groups, who you may find them grooming each other or just enjoying mother nature.

The giraffes will be trying to reach the high greenish leaves from the trees.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Last but not least, there is a sight of a waterfall in the park. This is certainly the icing on the cake for your trip.

Some Tips

  • It is a 3 hours drive to the park from Nairobi
  • Keep your distance from the wildlife
  • Always listen to your guide
  • Don’t ask the guide to drive into the areas where this is prohibited