The Guide to the Kenyan Safari

The Kenyan safari is an adventure that should be in your bucket list. This is because, in Kenya, there is a lot of wildlife.

Besides, there are many camps and lodges. And this depends on your budget. The following are some of the adventures that you can choose from:

✦ A One Day Kenyan Safari

Zebras in Tsavo East National Park

This is a safari tour that is great to do on a budget. Also, it is nice for the people who are in the country just for a few days and they would like to go on a safari.

It depends largely on the city or the town you are in. For instance, while in Nairobi, you can choose to go to the Nairobi National Park. And while in Naivasha, one can head to the Lake Nakuru National Park.

✦ The Walking Safari

Safari in Kenya

This is not for only the more adventurous group of people but also for the physically fit.

There are many places in Kenya where you can have this kind of safari. If you would like to enjoy a walking safari that is great for the first-timers, then try the Crescent Island Game Park or the Hell’s Gate.

For the more experienced ones, a climb on the Mt.Kenya is waiting for you.

✦ A Kenyan Camping Safari

The secret to having the best camping safari is to pick a good tour company.

They will have a number of guided tours for you to choose from. It will help you to travel through the adventurous routes in Kenya. And to see the best of its landscapes and wildlife.

The top camping sites in Kenya are the Masai Mara and the Amboseli National Parks.

✦ The Boat Safaris

Lake Naivasha Boat Safari

Kenya is one of the few countries in the world where you can have a boat safari, a bush safari or even a combination of both.

These include and not limited to:

✦ 1. The Lamu Island Boat Trips

This a great adventure to add to your list of this island. The water here is very calm and you will have a great day sailing.

The majority of the hotels in Lamu organize this for their guests.

✦ 2. Wasini Island Boat Safari

It is another adventure that is worth a visit while in Diani. On this trip, it can include water sports like diving but the climax is to watch the dolphins swim.

✦ 3. The Lake Naivasha Boat Trip

This is part of the Crescent Island Game Reserve adventure. It includes sailing with a boat on Lake Naivasha to see the hippos and the birds.

✦ 2 Days or More Kenyan Safari

Tsavo East National Park Kenayn Safari

The Masai Mara National Park is known to be one of the top destinations in Kenya for this kind of safaris. This is because the tourists get to see the wildebeest migration which has been named as one of the wonders of the world.

Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks are also great parks. This is ideal for adventures for a few days of safari and then head to the Kenyan coast.

These are safaris that require more than a day due to the distance from Nairobi. And this is regardless of whether you choose the road or air as your means of transport.