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The Medieval Old Town Of  Rhodes

The Medieval Old Town of  Rhodes is one of the most popular attractions on Rhodes island.

✦ A Visit To This Old Town

Rhodes Island

A visit to this medieval town will help you to learn and to understand the island.

Rhodes Islands

Rhodes island is one of the popular islands in Greece. And this is because it has nice beaches and a rich history.

Rhodes Island
The Island of Rhodes, Greece

Exploring the Old Town

medieval town of Rhodes

The medieval town of Rhodes has maintained the architectural character and the organization of a medieval city. This includes also the primary building materials.

✦ The Outlook of the Old Town

medieval town of Rhodes

The town is encompassed with huge walls that were meant to protect the town. And there are a number of entrances to the town. The walk around the wall is a sight to behold.

Inside the town, there are buildings, parks with nice trees, and walking paths.

medieval town of Rhodes

Today, everything outside of the walled city is called the new town.

✦ Fun Facts Of The Medieval Town of Rhodes

medieval town of Rhodes

1 ✦ The Medieval Old Town of Rhodes was never deserted or abandoned. Thus, this town is one of the few survivors of the medieval world.

2 ✦ The town is divided into two quarters which include the Northern and Southern quarters.

3 ✦ This is a World Heritage Site since in the late 1980s.

✦ The Experience From The Medieval Town of Rhodes

Rhodes Island

It is interesting to visit The Palace of the Grand Master of the Order. This is because the Gothic architecture is captivating. Inside the palace, there are impressive collections of tombstones, paintings, statuary, jewelry, books, and mosaics.

The great churches in Medieval City are also nice and some of them were later used as mosques in the Ottoman period.

Rhodes Island

After exiting through the main gate, walk across to the harbor. This is another interesting walk with a nice view of the old town.

✦ Some Tips

  •  Conservative clothing is required to visit either the churches or the mosques