Giraffe Centre In Nairobi Experience
Feeding a Giraffe at Giraffe Center Nairobi

In our recent trip to Kenya, we had a chance to visit one of the top sights in Nairobi; The Giraffe Centre.

Up close with the giraffes

✦ What To Expect From Giraffe Centre

Giraffe Centre is part of the Giraffe Manor.

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi
Giraffe Manor, Nairobi

This is a hotel, that is on private land in the Langata suburbs of Nairobi.

Giraffe Centre, Nairobi

The most fascinating thing about Giraffe Manor is its herd of Rothschild’s giraffes.

These giraffes visit in the morning during breakfast and also in the evening. Sometimes, they poke their long necks into the windows in the hope of a treat.

Practical Information

To visit Giraffe Manor, you have to make a reservation.

Feeding a giraffe

Giraffe Centre offers a chance to feed, or even kiss and learn more about giraffes.

Feeding the Giraffes

There is a small charge for entry but no limit on the amount of time that you can spend with the giraffes.


In addition, there is no prior booking required to visit the Giraffe Centre.

✦ The Services Provide at Giraffe Centre

The staff are very welcoming and encouraging especially to the children.

Enjoying the Giraffes

They provide generous the supply of pellets to feed the giraffes. Also, clear information is provided on how to feed the giraffes or even how to kiss them.

In our case, a member of staff showed us how to kiss a giraffe.

How Are The Giraffes?

The giraffes are really friendly because they have been accustomed to humans.

We enjoyed feeding them with the provided pellets.

Giraffes in Nairobi

Certainly, up close with these beautiful species is a truly fantastic experience. When you are in Nairobi, you can’t miss out on this experience!

Some Tips

  • There is a gifts shop which  is well stocked with a range of typical tourist merchandise
  • Giraffe Manor is part of Giraffe center, but for you to visit giraffe Manor need to make a reservation
  • The Giraffe Centre is open from 9 AM to 5 PM, seven days a week


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Thank you for stopping by! Remember to stay positive! 

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