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Museum Air and Space in Paris (French: Musee de l’Air et de l’Espace) is one of the oldest aviation museums in the world.

It is located not far from Le Bourget Airport, in the capital of France.

✦ What to Expect From The Museum of Air and Space

Museum Air and Space in Paris

This museum has a collection of almost 200 aircraft and a wide range of aviation materials and information dating back from the 16th century.

It is divided into different sections, which represent different eras.

✦ The Era Before World War II

Plane Museum in Paris

In this section, there is extensive knowledge on the history of the prototype aircraft from the 50s and 60s, French military and space exploration.

✦ Modern Aircraft In Air And Space Museum

Plane Museum in Paris

Inside the museum, there is a section that is designated for modern aircraft. For instance the prototype for Concorde.

✦ Own Experience From The Museum of Air and Space in Paris

 Museum of Air and Space  in Paris

Museum of Air and Space has a great display of aircraft and you can’t miss this out while in the French capital

The museum has a wide range and quality of aircrafts which includes spacecraft, Concorde, DC3, Mirage, 747, the rocket, just to mention but a few.

Museum of Air and Space in Paris

In particular, the selection of experimental planes from the ’50s is very interesting.

The airplanes, engines, propellers, weapons, as well as objects, and the clothes in the Museum of Air and Space in Paris are all originals.

Museum of Air and Space  in Paris

In case you are an aircraft buff, you could easily spend a day.

Plane Museum in Paris

Last but not least, the information in the museum is in French and the English language.

Some Tips

Plane Museum in Paris
  • It is easy to get to the museum by the use of public transport
  • The museum does not provide free entry for those under 18
  • You can’t enter the museum with a large suitcase or big backpack
  • There is a restaurant on site

✦ How to Get To The Museum

Museums in Paris

Second bus stop (line 350) after the Porte de la Chapelle. It is also accessible from the N2, the metro (M7)