Donkey Riding In Lindos, Rhodes
The city of Lindos, Rhodes Island Greece

The city of Lindos is a medieval village that is located on the Greek island of Rhodes.

Indeed, the white houses on the hill next to the sea, and then the Acropolis towering above, make a lasting impression of this city.

The Springs of Kallithea
Rhodes Island

The Island Of Rhodes

This island has a combination of great weather, nice beaches, and archaeological sites.

When we arrived on this Greek island, it was incredibly warm, contrary to the weather we had left in Belgium. I could not wait to explore the island and to learn more about Greek culture.

Rhodes Island
Rhodes Island

After a day of enjoying the sun at the beach, we had a perfect excursion plan; a day in the city of Lindos.

The City of Lindos, Rhodes

The city of Lindos is located on a peninsula, on the east coast of Rhodes Island.

The City of Lindos

It is the most popular city on the Greek island of Rhodes. It is not surprising because the city is charming and it’s one of its kind.

The City of Lindos
The City of Lindos

✦ Own Experience From The City of Lindos

The tour operating bus dropped us off at the parking and we had to walk downhill to Lindos. It was a very hot day in the middle of summer and with a temperature of  39°C.

We went ahead for a hot hike and fortunately, there are a lot of bars and rooftop restaurants with amazing views of the Acropolis and Lindos Bay.

The Acropolis in Lindos
The Acropolis in The City of Lindos

This lovely little town is a maze of narrow streets, with beautiful white houses and shops. In general, this city is full of beauty, atmosphere, and flavors of the history of Greece.

Certainly, Lindos has retained the magnificence of Greek History and oozes the vitality of Greek traditional values.

Rhodes Island

We really enjoyed the shops in the town and the chance to take in the views from many different vantage points. Later on, we visited the beach which looks spectacular from the city.

Riding a donkey in the city of Lindos, Rhodes

The means of transport in this town with very narrow streets are the donkeys. This reminded me of Lamu Island in my motherland Kenya. We took the donkey up to the Acropolis and then down again for a different perspective and a chance to rest which was not the case.

Riding a donkey in the city of Lindos

Do you want to experience a donkey’s ride in the city of Lindos? Just be aware that the ride may turn out to be different from your expectations.  I was actually terrified that I would be trampled by the donkey. We both heaved a sigh of relief when we finished our rides.

Riding a donkey in the city of Lindos

The Acropolis itself is a piece of history and has very interesting architecture. The views from the top are just breathtaking.

Finally, it was time to enjoy a Greek meal at a rooftop restaurant with a view.

Some Tips

  • Walk up to the Acropolis of Lindos
  • Take a walk through the narrow streets
  • Visit the Church of Panagia
  • Try some local Greek food


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