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Cueva de Los Verde

Cueva de Los Verdes is a long cave that is located on the Island of Lanzarote. This is one of the top tourist attractions on this island.

✦ The Formation of the Cueva de Los Verdes

Cueva de Los Verde

After a volcanic eruption , this cave was as a result formed from the lava.

Then in the 17th Century, it was used by people to hide from the pirates. Later on, a family that was of shepherds discovered it and lived in it for many years.

And in the early 1960s, the part of this long cave was cleared up and it was opened as a tourist attraction.

Cueva de Los Verde in Lanzarote

✦ The Excursion in the Cave

Cueva de Los Verde in Lanzarote

It is a 50 minutes tour that is done with a guide. This is in a group of 50 people. It is in Spanish and English languages.

In this cave, you will enjoy what mother nature has created at its own pace. This is a unique experience that you can’t miss out on when in the North of Lanzarote.

Most of what you get to see are natural forms, except the lighting which has been installed for the obvious reasons.

✦ How is the Cueva de Los Verdes

Cueva de Los Verde in Lanzarote

This cave has a great history. That includes how the cave was formed, discovered, and how it was used. And all of this is the information is provided by the guide during the tour and more.

In some parts of the cave, they are low in height, and other parts can be narrow and have a few steep climbs. But this is still a great adventure for all ages.

In the middle of the adventure in the cave, there is an auditorium. In here, it is where the top music festivals take place on the island. This is a unique place to be.

To top up the experience, the guide will at the end reveal to you the hidden secret in the cave. And please don’t be too expectant on this one!

✦ Some Tips

Cueva de Los Verde in Lanzarote
  • Ensure that you wear comfortable footwear
  • There are no reservations to visit the cave
  • Not a good attraction for people scared of caves
  • There are w/cs

✦ Additional Information

Cueva de Los Verde in Lanzarote

The parking fee: Free of charge

The entry fee: 10€

Opening Hours: 10 a.m to 6 p.m ( During the summer )