Crete Semi Submarine Experience In Agios Nikolaos

My best experience on the island of Crete is the Crete Semi Submarine.

Crete Semi Submarine

✦ What to Expect on Board

Crete Semi Submarine

This an adventure to the underwater water world of the Agio Nikolaos in Crete Island.

There is a working air conditioner, which gives it a nice touch. Also, there is a vending machine with items such as snacks and beverages, and lastly, there are washrooms.

The staff are very friendly and welcoming on board. And everything is done in an organized and safe manner.

In addition, there is a multilingual commentary throughout the experience of the Crete Semi Submarine

✦ The Experience of the Crete Semi Submarine

Crete Island

In the first session, we were split into 2 groups. This was for the two sections of the underwater part of the catamaran. In this part, we sat back to back on the long benches.

In this session, we were able to see the marine life of the Crete island through the glass windows that are submerged.

The crew threw food over the side to encourage sea life. We had an amazing view of fish, eels and sea turtles.

Crete Semi Submarine

The second part was sailing back to the mainland. This time around, we all sat at the top of the deck and we had great views of the Crete Island from the sea.

Crete Island

✦ Own Experience From The Crete Semi Submarine

Sailing across the sea is a dream for many. But sailing and at the same time experiencing the underwater is a unique experience.

The Crete Semi Submarine was very relaxing and we really enjoyed the experience.

Crete Island

Some Tips

  • While on the upper deck, there is some strong wind
  • The adventure is around 90 minutes
  • I would recommend that you try this out in the morning
Crete Semi Submarine


Thank you for stopping by and stay positive! 

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