You are currently viewing The Cretaquarium in Crete Island, Greece
Cretaquarium, Crete Island

Cretaquarium is an aquarium that has extensive marine life from the Crete island.

✦ The Marine Life in the Cretaquarium

Cretaquarium, Crete

Even though it is not big in size, it showcases all the Mediterranean sea life. This is a must-see if you want to have an idea of this type of marine life.

✦ How is the Layout?

CretAquarium, Crete

It is well laid out and has sufficient information available in several languages.

CretAquarium, Crete

The tanks allow great visibility and you can take quite some time just watching the fish cruise around.

CretAquarium , Crete

Mind you, taking a closer look in an aquarium has its rewards. In the sense that you might see something, you’ve never noticed before. This way you might learn something new.

Aquarium in Crete

✦ The Marine Life in Cretaquarium

Aquarium in Crete Island

It has many species of fish, sharks, octopus, mussels, and turtles. The majority of these species are indigenous to the Mediterranean sea. And you can see them in the wild when snorkeling on the island.

The favorite part is the half-circular tank which allows a variety of vantage points for viewing the sharks.


✦ The beach 100m from the Cretaquarium

Crete Island

The beach is just some meters away. It is a sandy beach and it has very clean and warm water. But I have to mention that there are no special facilities, for instance, the changing rooms and washrooms.

You can also take a walk to a former military base which is also next to the beach. It is a scary walk in this area and the place is full of graffitis. Besides, it is not clean but still interesting.

✦ Some tips

  • It is accessible through public transport, although you will need to make a 15-minute walk to get to the aquarium
  • There is a big parking lot and it’s free
  • There is a restaurant next to the aquarium