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Safari in Kenya

Crescent Island is one of the few game reserves in Kenya that is located on an island and a park that one can have a walking safari.

✦ The Location Of Crescent Island in Kenya

Crescent Island

This island is located in Lake Naivasha. It was formed in the late 80s when the level of the water in the lake dropped.

✦ How to Get to Lake Naivasha?

Naivasha Kenya

If you are driving or using a taxi, it will take you around 2 hours and 45 minutes to get to Lake Naivasha. And due to this close proximity to Nairobi, this area is great for getaways.

There are a number of resorts that are built around this lake. And your choice of the hotel that you want to stay in will depend on the price range of what you are willing to pay.

✦ How to Get to Crescent Island?

Lake Naivasha

Are you interested to have this great adventure? Then ask at the reception of the resort that you are staying in. Let them know that you are interested to visit the island.

The majority of these resorts around the lake will connect you with the boats to the island.

✦ The Boat Trip

The boat trip is done with the help of a guide. He will show you the different families of hippos and other species. And you do not have to be scared. This is because the guides are well informed and they know how to navigate the lake.

Besides, you will see different species of birds on the lake. And after this boat trip, you will be able to access the island.

✦ The Walking Safari

Crescent Island

On the arrival on the island, the guide on the boat will contact the guide from the island. Then, you can pay the entrance fee to this guide, which is 20USD.

The guide will give you some tips on how to explore the island and you are ready to go!

The walking safari on this island entails walking on the island while enjoying the sight of the herds of herds of wildebeests, waterbucks, zebras, gazelles, giraffes, buffaloes where they roam freely in the wild.

Don’t be afraid that they will attack you. These animals seem to be at ease with humans. But of course, do not go too close.

There are also different types of birds and species of plants to see.

Safari in Kenya

The island also has wonderful views of the surrounding of Naivasha, Mt Longonot, Hells Gate, and the distant peaks of the Aberdares.

Crescent Island

Some Tips

  • Do not go too close to the wildlife
  • Listen to your guides both on the boat and on the island
  • It is easy to walk
  • There are no restaurants
  • Ask for a boat trip from your resort
Crescent Island