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Monumento a la Fecundidad

Casa Monumento al Campesino is a cultural center on the island of Lanzarote. Its main purpose is to honor the countryside men and women of this island. This is for their big efforts to bring the island to life, which is part of what we see today.

They worked very hard to get back to their normal life after they had lost everything. This was from the destruction on the island the volcanic eruptions.

✦ The Role of Casa Monumento al Campesino

Casa Monumento Campesino, Lanzarote

This space offers all the insight into the traditions of the people of this island. And of which some of these traditions are still in use to date.

Indeed, it is one of the many beautiful works of the architect Cèsar Manrique on this island.

✦ The Location of Casa Monumento al Campesino

It is located in San Bartolomè at the roundabout where L-20 and L-30 meet. The place is easily recognizable from the white tall monument.

✦ What You Will Find Here

✦ 1. Monumento a la Fecundidad

Monumento a la Fecundidad

This is a 15 meters tall monument that is in this space. It is also known as the Monument of Fertility. This was a piece of art from Cèsar himself to pay his personal tribute to the people of this island.

✦ 2. La Casa Museo del Campesino

La Casa Museo del Campesino

This is a folklore museum that contains a series of buildings that look like one of the villages. The houses have been built to have features like the houses on the island. This includes the house designs, the painting of the walls, and the windows.

La Casa Museo del Campesino

The exhibits in this museum show the traditional way of life of the men and the women of this island. Besides, they recognize their great ideas in farming, art, and architecture.

La Casa Museo del Campesino

There are tools and objects to see and to learn how they used them. You will also get to see the different types of herbs that they used and still use to date.

And in one of the buildings, there is a space for the craft workshops.

✦ 3. An Underground Dome

Casa Monumento Campesino, Lanzarote

This is a beautiful space that when you are not aware that it exists, you will not even see it from outside. This is because it is designed inside a space that is a former quarry.

Casa Monumento Campesino, Lanzarote

It has nice stairs from the courtyards of the museum that will lead you to the inside. And inside this hall, there is a nice restaurant and a stage. This is an ideal space for events.

Casa Monumento Campesino, Lanzarote

In the restaurant, you can enjoy the different types of food from the island.

Casa Monumento Campesino, Lanzarote

✦ 4. A Cafe

✦ Additional Information For Casa Monumento al Campesino

  • No entry fee
  • They have a free and a huge parking space
  • Opening hours (10 AM- 6 PM)
  • Great for the whole family
  • The visit duration should be around an hour