Boat Cruise Experience to Symi Island
Panormitis Monastery, Symi Island

Are you planning for a holiday on any Greek island? Then a boat cruise to Symi island is something that you can add to your bucket list.

The island hopping while on any of the Greek islands is a unique experience. It is one that you’ll want to do again and again. It doesn’t matter which route you may choose or where the journey leads to.

Boats in Rhodes Island

✦ The Boat Cruise to Symi

We cruised in the middle of the Aegean Sea which is an arm of the Mediterranean Sea. The boats ride gently on the waves of this sea.

Boat Cruise to Symi Island

And when the boat is far off the shore and on the deep waters, this sea normally has a shade of deep blue

Boat Cruise in Symi Island

✦ A stopover at the Panormitis Monastery

After almost 2 hours of indulging ourselves in tune with the universe, we made a stopover at the Panormitis Monastery. The views as we docked were stunning. The monastery is really beautiful.

 Panormitis Monastery
Panormitis Monastery

The pebble mosaics in the courtyards are glorious, the colors of the sky, the sea, the monastery’s tower, and the courtyard plants are sublime. The architecture and imposing nature of the setting just summed up our trip as highly memorable.

Boat Cruise to Symi

✦ Boat Cruise to Symi Main Harbor

The cruising continued, and the next stop was at Symi’s main harbor.

Boat Cruise in Symi Island

We enjoyed exploring the area around the harbor, an unbelievably colorful and interesting area in a hidden bay where German submarines sheltered during the world war II.

Boat Cruise in Symi Island

There are beautiful and colorful houses built into the rock face, a lot of shops selling sponges, loofahs, shells and leather goods. There are also many hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Boat Cruise in Symi Island

✦ How was the experience?

Cruising is a truly unique and rewarding way to see the world. It’s turning to nature, experiencing life with a stronger sense of connection to the universe and then having unforgettable memories. This was my best experience on the Island of Rhodes.

Boat Cruise in Symi Island
Boat Cruise in Symi
Boat Cruise in Symi


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