The Experience From Bellewaerde

Bellewaerde is a family-friendly theme park that is located near Ypres, a city in the countryside of Belgium.

This is the oldest theme park that is still operating to date in Belgium.

✦ Why You Should Consider a Day Trip to Bellewaerde

I’m from the school of thought that one should make the most of every moment. Honestly, this is also one my greatest challenge but it’s something that I’m pouring my heart into.

Indeed, my love for theme parks developed after moving to live in Belgium. The first experience was at Walibi, then Disneyland Park Paris, and now the latest one has been Bellewaerde. 


All of these theme parks are easy to navigate, with a good mixture of adrenaline rides and fun rides for all ages. I would highly recommend all of them for a fun day out.

✦ What to Expect From the Park

✦ The Landscape in Bellewaerde

This park has a great landscape. It comprises a beautiful garden with flowers, trees, and plants that harmonize with the natural landscape of the area.


✦ The Wild Rides in Bellewaerde

The wild rides in this theme park are whimsical. They are great for the whole family and people of all ages. My favorite ride in this park is the ride along the jungle river and down the Niagra fall.


✦ The Wild Animals

There are hundreds of wild animals in Bellewaerde. These include the flamingoes, lions, tigers, and giraffes, just to mention but a few.

Wild Animals

My Highlight From the Bellewaerde

Bengal Express is my most memorable experience from this theme park. This is because while enjoying this part of the park in a steam engine train, we saw the male lions at a very close distance.


✦ Some tips

  • It can be crowded on sunny weekends
  • There are lots of attractions and fun for the whole family
  • Ensure that you experience the Bengal Express
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