Beaches in Barcelona Experience During the Summer
Barcelona, Spain

A day on the sun-kissed beaches of Barcelona during the summer is a must in the list of things to do while in this city.

✦ Own Experience from Barcelona

The city of Barcelona has always been on my bucket list.

And being the first time in Barcelona, I didn’t know exactly what to expect but being my second time in Spain, I was sure that it wasn’t going to disappoint.

At the end of our trip, I had fallen in love with the city: From street performances, food, history, the people, and a plethora of activities.

Barcelona, Spain

✦ What to Expect

Barcelona is one of the world’s leading touristic destination that has great beaches.

Barcelona, Spain

✦ The Beaches of Barcelona During the Summer

If you visit the capital of Catalonia during the summer, a day on the sun-kissed beaches of Barcelona should be on your list of things to do. And trust you me, it was a great experience.

There is no trip to Barcelona that is complete without a visit to its famous beaches. From nudist Mar Bella to bustling Barceloneta and to tranquil Caldetes. The beach lovers are spoilt for choice.

✦ What to Experience at The Beaches of Barcelona

They are a wide range of activities to enjoy. These include swimming, jet ski, and boat trips.

And for the food, there are quite a number of good seafood eateries and plenty of tapas joint along the shores that are worth popping into.

You can enjoy the beach by taking some rest on one of the many sunbeds or just lie down and soak yourself up with the warmth of the Spanish sun with the books.

Also enjoyed the refreshing drinks from one of the many beach huts.

Some tips

  • The beaches are very clean and the water is clean and fresh
  • There are special beach police patrols to keep the beaches safe
  • Red Cross lifeguards with  boats always on duty to keep the swimmers safe
  • They can also be a bit crowded especially during the Summer
  • Easily accessible by the use of public transport

Thank you for stopping by and stay positive! 

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