The Experience From The Agios Nikolaos Chapel
Agios Nikolaos Chapel

Agios Nikolaos Chapel is a small and beautiful chapel in the middle of the sea.

Indeed, the countryside and the towns of the island of Crete have a great number of holy sites. This reflects the religious character in Crete through the ages.

Georgioupolis Beach

✦ How We Came Across The Agios Nikolaos Chapel

While on a road trip to Chania, we had a stopover at the Georgioupolis Beach.

Without a doubt, this is a nice beach that combines a nice local flair mixed with several touristic shops for trinkets. From here, we saw a little, beautiful, and a white chapel at a distance, some meters away from the beach.

Agios Nikolaos Chapel

The chapel was inside the sea. And as usual, we decided to venture out and visit the Agios Nikolaos Chapel.

✦ How to Get to the Agios Nikolaos Chapel

Certainly, to get to this little chapel is not as easy as it may seem.

The pier is long and hard to walk on unless you wear comfortable walking shoes. And you have to watch out because there are hundreds of crabs between the stones.

Georgioupolis Beach

The waves break over the pier unless there is no wind at all. But once you’re there, it’s well worth the walk.

✦ Our Experience

We visited Agios Nikolaos Chapel during the morning hours, and lucky for us, there was no high tide or wind.

The view over the bay was gorgeous and stunning.

The chapel itself, it’s very small, beautiful, and in the middle of the sea, but a real chapel nevertheless.

Agios Nikolaos Chapel

It is a traditional Greek fishermen’s chapel set on a rocky outcrop in the sea. Inside, there is a little altar at the back and you can burn a candle.

You can’t miss out on this one while visiting the Island of Crete.

Georgioupolis Beach

Some Tips

  • Don’t go out there if it’s high tide because you are at risk of being swept by the sea or getting wet
  • The chapel is also actively used  for  weddings and photoshoots


Thank you for stopping by and stay positive! 

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