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Adventureland is a part of Disneyland where the guests get to enjoy the feeling of the jungle.

✦ The Experience From The Adventureland In Disneyland

Disneyland Paris

Not only the area looks like a jungle, but it also makes one get to be an explorer in the park.

This is because the exciting and exotic tropical regions of the world come to life in this part of Disneyland.


In this part, there are tribal performances and different architecture from the park. And the music that is played here is totally different from that of other parts of Disneyland in Paris.

Disneyland Paris

✦ How to Start at Adventureland


There are several factors that may affect your experience in Disneyland. These include the season when you chose to visit, and how many days you choose to explore the park.

Just in case you choose to be in the park for more than a day, then probably, you will need a half a day to explore the Adventureland.

And during the winter season, you may start your day with a cup of coffee. And if you are a lover of African beats, you will certainly head to a restaurant at the Adventureland.

Disneyland Paris

They’re a number of restaurants to enjoy the coffee, and one of them is at Hakuna Matata Restaurant. This is a Lion King-themed restaurant.

✦ The Adventures at the Adventureland in Disneyland


There are many adventures to explore in this part of the park. You will walk through the gardens that are full of exotic trees, rivers, and bridges.

Disneyland Paris

One of the top adventures from this part is the La Cabane des, Robinson. This is a treehouse inspired by the Swiss Family Robinson. 

You can climb the stairs to the top and from here, there is a panoramic view of some part of the park.

Adventureland  Disneyland Paris

Some Tips

  • To avoid the queues, get the Fast Pass
  • You can bring along your own snacks and beverages in the park
  • Download the Disneyland App