10 Best Things To Do In Rhodes Island, Greece

Rhodes island is not only ideal for those who want to relax but also for those looking for an action-packed holiday.

The Island of Rhodes, Greece
The Island of Rhodes, Greece

The following are the top things to do while visiting the island:

✦ 1. The Springs of Kallithea

The Springs of Kalithea is the most beautiful place on this island.

Indeed, these springs are known as popular attractions on the island of Rhodes. They attract visitors from all over the world as a wedding venue and location for filming.

The Springs of Kallithea

✦ 2. The Medieval Old Town Of Rhodes

The Medieval Old Town of Rhodes is a survivor of the medieval world on this Island.

It is surrounded by thick walls and it has several entrances. After a visit to this medieval city and accessing the historical information available, you will marvel at how it survived.

The Medieval Old Town Of  Rhodes
The Medieval Old Town Of  Rhodes

This is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

✦ 3. Snorkeling In Rhodes Island

While visiting the Springs of Kallithea, you can also enjoy the adventure of exploring the fascinating underwater world of the island.

Kallithea Springs

✦ 4. Visit the City of Lindos

Lindos is one of the most beautiful medieval villages on this island.

The city of Lindos, Rhodes

In fact, the city is easily recognized from a distance by white houses on a hillside. It is full of beauty, atmosphere, and flavors of the history of Greece.

✦ 5. Ride a Donkey in the city of Lindos to the Acropolis

The means of transport in the city of Lindos are donkeys. Riding a donkey up to the Acropolis and then down again for a different perspective, is one of those experiences that will last in your memories for a long time.

Riding a donkey in the city of  Lindos

✦ 6. Visit the Panormitis Monastery, Rhodes Island

The monastery is dedicated to the Archangel Michael.

Panormitis Monastery

It also includes two museums in its yard.

Indeed, this is a landmark in the Rhodes island that is full of history.

✦ 7. Boat Cruise to Symi Island in Rhodes Island

Take a boat trip to Symi Island which a neighboring island to Rhodes Island.

This island is famous for its colorful neo-classical house facades, fishermen boats, diving, and delicious seafood.

Boat Cruise in Symi Island

Boat cruising to Symi Island is a truly unique and rewarding experience on the island of Rhodes.

✦ 8. Visit the Acropolis of Rhodes

The Acropolis of Rhodes is a historical site that is located not far from the city of Rhodes. It dates from the classical Greek period. This consists of a stadium and a theatre.

Acropolis of Rhodes

✦ 9. Experience Kallithea’s Beach

Kallithea's Beach

Indeed, this a rocky beach that has clear water. It is also ideal for water sports.

✦ 10. Visit an Orthodox Church

The Greek people are very religious and the religion in Greece is dominated by the Greek Orthodox Churches.

Greek Orthodox Church

Generally, the architecture of these churches is breathtaking. It must be remembered that to visit either the churches or the mosques, conservative dressing is required.

Some tips for the island of Rhodes

  • Be culturally sensitive
  • Conservative dressing is required to visit either the churches or the mosques
  • Avoid peak season
  • Try out the Greek wines
  • Ouzo is served after the meals


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