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Mutsy Nio Review

The baby stroller is one of those things that you think about when expecting. This review of the Mutsy Nio will help you to make your decision on whether to invest in it or not. It is based on my own experience and I hope that you have a safe delivery. The following are some of the tips to use when looking for a baby stroller:

✦ 1. Long Lasting

I don’t think that there is a parent who wants a stroller that will break after using it for a month. You need the one that you can use until when the baby is a toddler and can walk for long and more independently. And to know if this is possible, it’s great to read reviews from other mums, check the material that the stroller is made of, check the wheels, the suspension, and last but not least, the handle.

✦ 2. Coziness

Before anything else, I think that comfort of your little one is paramount. You want a stroller that when you are in a terrain that is not smooth, the baby will not wake up or will not start crying. Thus, when it is comfortable, it’s not only going to be great for the baby but also for the mum. And let’s just say, a happy baby, a happy family!

✦ 3. The Ability to Move Easily

You need a stroller that is easy to maneuver when you are busy with your daily routines like dropping the little one to the crèche, going to the supermarket, or even going for a walk in the park. It has to have the feeling that it is not bulky but light when you are pushing it around. And also how does it move on the different types of grounds. For instance, how is it moving on a street with cobblestones?

The things that are important in considering the easy moving of a stroller is the suspension, wheels, and the handles

✦ 4. Assembling, Dismantling, and Folding

Any baby stroller that is easy to assemble is already a winner in this game. You don’t want to be busy trying to get all the pieces together for hours. You also need the one that when the boot of your car is full and you want to create some space, and the only choice is to dismantle it, that it goes fast and easy.

Finally, how it folds and unfolds, which you will do most of the time in this journey of parenting. It should be fast and as easy as possible. This reduces the size of your stroller so that it can be in your car, thus leaving space for your other baggage or shopping.

✦ 5. The Price

As they say sometimes cheap is expensive but remember also not the stroller is expensive, that it is worth your money. Therefore, make the decision based on your research and you will be satisfied.

And now back to our topic of this post, these are the pros and cons of the Mutsy Nio baby stroller:

✦ The Pros of the Mutsy Nio

  • It’s made of high quality materials
  • Moves around easily
  • The chassis and its wheels adopts easily with the maxi cosi, carry cot and the seat for the toddler
  • It is durable
  • Great suspension
  • The handle is made of leather and it’s adjustable for different heights
  • Folds and unfolds fast and with no difficulties

✦ The Cons of the Mutsy Nio

  • It’s bulky
  • Not ideal for traveling when using the airplanes