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Easywalker Mini Buggy

Are you a frequent traveler and looking for a mini baby stroller? Then the Easywalker mini buggy is one of the best choices you can go for. This is because of its size, weight, and style. Based on my own experience, the following are top reasons why you should consider it:

✦ 1. Easywalker Mini Buggy is Allowed Inside the Plane

In case you are parents and you love going for vacations away from home or you travel a lot for work purposes by air, then the Easywalker mini buggy is your best friend. This is because you will not have hustles while in the airport. You will be able to go inside the majority of planes with it. And this makes it easier when leaving the plane and you are assured that it will not be damaged.

✦ 2. An apartment or a Small Houses

If you live in the city, most of the living spaces are not big enough for everything. Thus anything that is light and compact is really welcomed. This is what this type of buggy is. It will take less space in your garage or the balcony. Moreover, it comes with a bag and when this stroller is inside, you’ll not guess what is inside it. You can even store it on top of the furniture.

✦ 3. For the Space in Your Car Boot

When the boot of your car is not big, then you need a baby stroller that isn’t bulky. This stroller will serve you with this. It is not large and it is light in weight. And this may make you end up, leaving it to stay in your car. This is because you will be able to do your shopping or go to work while it is in the boot. It will not hinder you by taking up all the space in your boot.

✦ 4. The City Life

The Easywalker mini buggy is great for easy city life. As we all know, life in the city is very busy and anything that makes it easier is a plus, especially for parents. If you have to use public transport, this is a stroller that I can recommend. Besides, in the cities, the majority of the roads are smooth and with fewer hills and bumps. Besides, this stroller will not let you down with its catchy style.

✦ 5. Easywalker Mini Buggy For a Second Baby Stroller

This is a good option for parents who want to have two baby strollers. The mini bay stroller would be in this case meant for traveling or just let it stay in the boot of your car. And from my own experience, this is what we have been doing and it has been great. When we are just going to the airport or just to the shopping malls, it does the magic. And that is, to make the work easier. From easy folding and unfolding, and last but not least, it is light and not hard to push around.

✦ 6. Cleaning and Drying up

It is normal that the little ones are messy and thus, the stroller gets dirty too. It’s easy to clean this up and on a nice sunny day, it will be dry in some hours.

✦ The Cons of the Easywalker Mini Buggy

The following are some reasons why you may not consider the Easywalker mini buggy as the only stroller to have:

  1. Not handy on all kinds of terrain
  2. It is quite low and thus it gets dirty easily.