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What to Buy For Valentines

It has been a tough season, but guess what? Valentine’s day is almost here. It’s about that time when we ask ourselves, what to buy for that special person in our life on valentines day. The gifts don’t have to be expensive or luxurious. But making it a habit to appreciate them and letting them know what they mean to you, makes a difference. Also, words of affirmation in the relationship are everything. The following are some of the ideas you can use to treat your valentines:

✦ 1.What to Buy For Valentines When Single

This includes those who just got out of a relationship, or has never been into one, divorced, and last but not least, the ones that their partners have passed on. In case, you are single (happily or searching), it is a great day to treat yourself. As they say, bloom where you are planted at this moment. No one knows what the future may bring. But as you wait, a perfume, or a ring, or a chain, or a watch, or a gym membership, or even a trip to Egypt will be great.

✦ 2. What to Buy For Valentines When Dating

What to buy for your valentines when dating depends on the stage you are at in your relationship. This include:

✦ 1. Early Stages of Dating

At this stage, the couple is just getting to know each other. So whatever gift you choose to buy make sure that the gift is general. Like chocolate, flowers, and a lunch or dinner. This ensures that you don’t look too pushy. Like you are taking time to get to know them. This makes them feel loved and a feeling that the relationship has a future.

✦ 2. Dating Longer than One Year

After dating for more than one year, the couple knows a little more of the likes and dislikes of each other. This makes it easier to know what to buy for your valentines. This is because, at this point, you can go further and buy gifts according to their taste. Remember that you don’t have to overdo yourself. This is because your partner may question how you will handle finances once you are married. Therefore, buy what you can afford. This can be her or his favorite perfume, a getaway, a dinner, or even a holiday.

✦ 3. Planning For an Engagement or Already Engaged

At this level, you are far enough in your relationship. You have made decisions that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Congratulations! Also, you probably know that person a little more. Therefore, spending quality time during the valentines will be great. It’s an ideal time for a holiday. Buying a good gift for them will be great and they will really appreciate it as they look forward to the life ever after in marriage. A nice piece of jewelry, a good watch, or vacation will be appreciated.

Are you planning for that engagement day on valentines day? This is a perfect idea for that day because when in the marriage you will always remember to celebrate it. Remember to get to know if your girlfriend is into big surprises or how they would like it done. Even if it takes to ask her family or friends, try to research to avoid disappointments.

✦ 3. What to Buy For Valentines In Marriage

✦ 1. Newly Weds

From my own experience, this is the best to treat your partner. You are probably still trying to adjust to married life. Treat yourself to a trip for a second honeymoon. And it t doesn’t have to be expensive. For the ladies, don’t go for the normal suspects’ gifts that men complain about that they always get as gifts. These are the belts, socks, and underpants. Go a little further, after all, he is your husband.

✦ 2. Married Couples With No Children

My husband and I, we were married for 7 years before we got the baby. So I know this from a personal experience. For whatever reason you don’t have a baby, enjoy the season you are at now. At this stage, you understand each other more. Get something that you can do together and that in reality is what works for both of you. Keep that fire burning, go riding horses, a road trip, hiking, mountain climbing, or even a safari. What works for you!

For guys, go ahead and buy your wife some lingerie. Ladies find it romantic when their partners try to figure out their size and taste and then buy them. This way, you will really score some points!

✦ Married and Have Children

In this stage, the couples need to create time to enjoy time with each other. This is because when the children come in, the focus changes but don’t forget when the children grow up, you will be left with each other. So spending time together is crucial.

Now the question is, what to buy for your forever valentines? A getaway or a vacation without children should be at the top of your agenda. Do it even better than before children came into your life. Get lost in a new city, eat a cuisine that you have never tried or even a sex style that you have never tried, or a session of couple massages. Last but not least, you can renew your vows to each other.

Whatever stage of life that you are in, I wish you a happy Valentine’s day that is full of love. And stay positive!