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New year, a new decade, and the new beginnings. It’s a little belated, but heartfelt wishes for all.

This is a new start and another chance for us to get right. Thus, let’s make it count.

✦ The Irony of Life


To some people, last year was the best because they got their dream jobs or dream cars, got engaged or married, won rotaries or became billionaires, graduated, became mums or dads or grandmothers or grandfathers and the list goes on…

On the other hand, to some people, the year was the year of loss because they lost their jobs or got divorced or became bankrupt or lost their loved ones or lost their health, etc. These people have nothing to celebrate like everyone else.

The other group of people is the ones who feel like their year was stagnant and like nothing changed.

✦ The Reality of Life and Of The New Beginnings

Mombasa, Kenya

Everyone is dealing with something that no one is aware of. But one thing is for sure that everyone can make this year count.

This is that time of the year where we feel that we need a new chapter or a new phase of our lives. Maybe a good time to have new year’s resolutions.

✦ The Life Lessons

Anne Wambui Kanyi

With age, I have learned that in case of a loss or the unexpected, is to look at the other side of it. This always leads to gratitude.

Gratitude is an appreciation for your present reality and not taking things for granted. This includes little things in life like being alive and healthy. It makes you happier and hopeful.

If there is stagnation, it could be in real sense it’s not stagnancy but patience is required because delay is not denial. Just be patient. Also, remember that you cannot be doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

✦ New Beginnings, Make It Count!

Disneyland Paris

Life is a journey with different seasons and whatever happens in life happens to make you stronger. So do not fear.

No matter the season you are at, you must be determined to succeed. Do not lose hope. This is because every new day or a new month or a new year grants you with a fresh start. So do your part and make 2020 count!

Happy New Year! And Happy New Beginnings!