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As I celebrate my daughter’s first birthday, I have decided to share my experience from the first year of motherhood. This is a journey that has been a learning curve for me.

From the moment I knew that I was pregnant, I started reading books and did a lot of research to prepare myself for this journey. But to be honest, it has not been very helpful. This journey is like one of those jobs that you learn when at it. I have also made mistakes, and from them, I have learnt, adjusted, and reinvented myself.

I’m still not good at it but definitely, I am better than I was yesterday. The following are some of the top lessons that I have learnt in this journey:

✦ 1. Change is Inevitable

✦ The Best Part of it

In the first year of motherhood, the mother goes through a journey of self-discovery. She gets to know her strengths, herself, and the power that she has in herself. This has made me view everything in life differently. And it is not in a negative way, actually, it is grown to a better person.

The priorities also change. This is in everything that I do. May it be savings, investments, and looking forward to the future.

✦ The Bad

Change is not always easy, and it is not for everyone. In the same case, not all change comes easy for the mums. For instance, we can’t ignore that some mothers face postpartum depression.

Also, there is the change that comes after the recovery from bringing this bundle of joy to this world. Certainly, after carrying the pregnancy for 9 months, the body goes through a lot of change. This could be the weight, a scar from the cs, just to mention but a few.

✦ 2. Patience is Key

✦ Be Patient With Yourself in the First year of motherhood

The healing after giving birth is not easy and it is different for every mother. Remember that patience is a virtue. You will have to be patient with your journey. And accept that everybody is different and own your journey.

Besides, adjusting to motherhood is not easy. In case, it is taking a while, just be patient and you will get a hand at it with time. Joining groups for new mums, whether it is a physical group or through social media, it will really help. In these groups, mothers exchange ideas and it is of great help.

If it is not getting easier, it is always good to look for some professional help.

✦ Patience With the Development Stages of Your Child

Don’t compare your child’s development to other children’s. Let the little one grow at its own pace.

✦ 3. Let the Baby Guide You

Bonding with your little one is key. This helps you to know what the baby likes or doesn’t like. This becomes your guide. And trust your mother’s instincts, you will never go wrong. I know it takes the whole village to bring up a child, but trust me, you will get a lot of unsolicited advice that might not work for you and your little one.

✦ 4. It Can Get Ugly in the First year of motherhood

This is for both the mum and the little one. It comes together with the price of becoming a mother. Some of the examples include lack of milk to breastfeed, postpartum depression, and leaking milk when in public. And I cant to forget to mention the constant worry for the parents. This is from thinking if the baby is okay, or are you doing well as a mum and the future.

When the baby goes to the creche, they socialize with other children. And when there is an outbreak of the flu, for example, they get will get sick. For the first time mums, you may find yourself at the emergency every time your baby gets a fever. This is because you have no experience, so your first reaction is to panic.

✦ 5. You Unlearn to Learn in the First year of motherhood

I had to learn to be a mum because it doesn’t come automatically. You will learn how to keep time all over again. This is because you have to include the little one in everything you do. It has been the hardest for me.

Last not least, learning once again to balance. This is the hardest one but once you get it, you are a step away from being the best mother in the world. All the best in your journey!