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Are you looking for baby shower gifts? I know that it can be tricky but at the same time, it can be fun. Most of the time, the first thing that comes to mind is the diapers or rompers. And to be honest, it’s not a bad idea neither. But it could be that everyone has the same idea in their mind. The following are the best gifts ideas that I have found to be great in my own journey:

✦ 1. Baby Bibs

These should be one of the top baby shower gift ideas on anybody’s list. This is because they are the most used items for babies when feeding and burping them. Also, they are used at the stage when the babies drool.

The baby bibs exist in a wide range. These include silicon bibs, waterproof bibs, cloth bibs, just to mention but a few.

✦ 2. Baby Blanket For Baby Shower Gifts

The new parents use a lot of baby blankets. This is to cover the baby whether they are at home or when on the move. They will appreciate it that you thought about it. You can choose to add your touch and style to it. For example, you can custom make it. Last but not least, ensure that the material of the blanket is of good quality and soft.

✦ 3. Swaddle and the Burp Clothes

These are multi-purpose thin blankets that are made of cotton. They are made in different designs, colors, and patterns. I can’t say enough about how these clothes are life-saving when having a baby. They are used to wrap the baby, used when burping, and used when washing the newborn so that they can stay warm. The more the new parents have, the better.

✦ 4. The Feeding High Chair For Babies

This is one of the baby shower gifts that will cost you a little more. In general, babies do not use them in the first few months but they use them from when they are 6 months. Also, it is something that the majority of the parents do not buy before the baby is born. Thus, they will not have one unless it isn’t their first child.

✦ 5. Baby Bottle Steriliser

This is one of the must-haves for new parents. The reason being that sterilizing the bottles and pacifiers kills all the germs. This is important because it prevents the rush to see the doctor. This is because children are vulnerable to these germs since their bodies do not have immunity yet.

✦ 6. The Baby Carrier

The baby carrier allows the new parents to have their hands free. With this, they can do something else and at the same time be close to their babies. Besides, these carriers are great to use when soothing the baby. They are in a wide range and in case, you are not sure if it’s an ideal gift for the parents and the baby, you can go for a baby sling.

✦ 7. Sleeping Bags For Baby Shower Gifts

The baby’s sleeping bag helps to keep the baby warm and safe. This is a baby shower gift that you can buy in different sizes and materials for different seasons. The parents will use them from the time when the baby is born