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This island is celebrated for its natural beauty and delightful climate. It is a major tourist attraction for the seekers of sunny beaches. Many of its beaches are gravel, not sand. Whether you arrive in search of buzzing nightlife, sun or diving in crystal-clear waters; The Island of Rhodes has it all!

My husband and I, after having so many excursions, (For more on our excursions, you can read more on the post over Lindos, Symi and The Medieval city of Rhodes) we decided to drive around the island, which brought to us to magnificent beaches, impressive sightseeing Continue reading

Summer vacations are the most wonderful time of the year, right? I think that everyone or every family has their own unique holiday routines. My husband and I, we love going on a vacation to a sunny destination for a great warm weather. The tan from these destinations always fade but the memories last forever. This time round, our prefered  holiday  destination was to the Island of Rhodes. Continue reading

The City of Lindos

My husband and I visited one of the Greek Islands; Rhodes. We chose The Island of Rhodes because of its combination of the nice weather, beaches, archaeological sites and extensive medieval town. The climate in Greece is typical of the Mediterranean climate: mild and rainy winters, relatively warm and dry summers. The perfect vacation destination for the Summer holidays.

Don’t you love holidays? I think everybody does. Personally, I love holidays because I think that it’s the perfect time to reflect and meditate, which of course leads to making our lives better and those around us.

When we arrived in Rhodes, it was incredibly warm, contrary to the weather we had left in Belgium. It was like a time to roll and a secret escape kind of holiday.  It was  also my first time in Greece and l could not wait to explore the Island and to learn  the Greek culture.

From my previous travel blogs, I think that it’s evident that we love excursions. Thanks to my husband, he is multilingual and good in reading the maps. After a day of enjoying the sun at the beach, we had a perfect excursion plan; A day in the city of Lindos. Continue reading

With over 50,000 animals from across the world, there can never be a shortage of incredible things to see in an Aquarium. My husband and I, we are fans of aquariums of any kind and size. This is the reason why we chose to go to Cretaquarium. It is rather small but again it emphasizes on Mediterranean sea life. A must see if you want to have an idea of the Mediterranean sea life.

It is well maintained and well laid out. There is also sufficient information available in several languages. The tanks allow great visibility and you can take quite some time just watching the fish cruise around. From some experiences, taking a closer look has its rewards; you might see something you’ve never noticed before or learn something new about one of your favorite marine animals, or discover an entirely new creature that you’ve never seen before. For example mussels growing on ropes was all new to me and I got to learn about it. Thanks to  Cretaquarium! Continue reading


The island of Crete is adorned with fantastic and exotic beaches. We drove from Chania to Lassithi , where we came across so many beaches with white sand, turquoise water, sand dunes and unique coastal ecosystems. I think that the numerous beaches lining on the shore, attract the travelers to Crete. Whether you’re into water sports, snorkeling or sunbathing, the island certainly has a stretch of beach to suit your taste.


Continue reading

Panormitis Monastery

Symi Island

I was born and brought up in the mainland. This could be the reason maybe why anything to do with the seas and oceans always excites me. Still on our trip to Greece, this was on our things to do list; cruising on a motor yacht from Rhodes to Symi. We hopped from one Island to another. This was so much fun!

We cruised in the middle of Aegean Sea which is an arm of the Mediterranean Sea. The boat drifted slowly through the water, riding gently upon the waves that rose and fell with cosmic regularity. The clouds marched across the sky with the perpetual breeze. The sea itself was an indescribable shade of deep blue that exists only in the deep waters far offshore.  Continue reading

Crete is the largest island in Greece, and the fifth largest one in the Mediterranean Sea. Being our second time to Greece and having had an excellent experience at The Island of Rhodes, we looked forward to the trip. Crete simply has it all. From the remnants of brilliant civilizations, sunny beaches, impressive mountains capes, steep gorges, delightful climate, buzzing nightlife and finally the Greek gastronomic culture.

This time around we decided to do things a little bit different. We decided to rent a car. From some of our past experiences, bus tours are not always the way to go. The knowledge and efficiency of tour operators vary, and some tours offered can be wanting. Too often, the excursions translate into time-consuming bus rides with drop-offs at shopping centers or hotels or to souvenirs’ shops or restaurant belonging to the tour guide’s sister-in-law. They say, “Once bitten, twice shy!” A rental car made our journey comfortable and flexible. It gave us the freedom to go anywhere we liked, at any given time. Continue reading

Nature has always been my source of inspiration, adventure, and delight. Away from the hustle and bustle of the seaside towns and resorts of Crete, we decided to take a drive to the mountains.  It was a scenic drive to a hidden treasure; the Botanical Park & Gardens Of Crete. The views alone are worth the trip and it’s immensely serene and tranquil up there. All we could hear were the calls of the peacocks, ducks and birds.

The park is 20 hectares and is on a mountain side and in a valley. It’s a well organised park and the gardens are well laid out. It identifies botanical plants, their  names and uses. It’s unique because it has three altitude levels: alpine, temperate and tropical. This makes it a delight to wander around.  Continue reading