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The Market Square

The map of Bruges

I think that cities are like human beings, because they show their varying personalities to the traveler. Depending on the city and on the traveler, there might begin a mutual love, or dislike, friendship, or enmity. I’ve been to the city of Brugge so many times, but I keep on falling in love with this historical city. Continue reading

I’m from the school of thought that ‘Make the most of every moment’. This is my greatest challenge, but something that I’m pouring my heart into. I’m also learning how to enjoy what I have, right here and right now! Every moment is precious and I have come to learn also that sometimes, the inessential is essential! 😀 Continue reading

From traveling , we have gained quite some experience from crowded tourists attractions, to tour guides, to hotels packages, to the offers and the list goes on… Personally, I think that once in a while it’s important to go for  a quiet vacation. Where there are no cars, no bikes, no raucous hordes of party people clogging your route to the pool or bar. Continue reading

The first time I heard about Pairi Daiza, was from a feature in the News about the arrival of two pandas in Belgium from China. I was really interested to visit and see the pandas because I had never seen them before.

After a smooth ride through several cities in Belgium, we sat in traffic for almost an hour just trying to get to the entrance of the Park. It seemed that this Park was famous for family trips. A good sign indeed! 😀

Pairi Daiza is located in Brugelette Continue reading

Being my first time to go to a Tropical Swim Paradise, I totally had no ideas of how it looked like or how the experience was going to be like. Like most of the times when I don’t understand something, I ran to my consultant; Google! It never disappoints and I eventually got some ideas. Yeppy! 😀

On the Valentine’s Day and in the middle of the winter, my husband was confident that it was a beautiful area where we could unwind and re-energize. It was a beautiful ride passing through many cities in Belgium and also sitting in traffic around Antwerp area was an icing on the cake! 😉 Before moving to Belgium, I lived in Nairobi where the traffic can be over the top, so it was just a reminder being in Antwerp!

When we arrived at Mol City, I didn’t have to be told that we were almost at the park, it really stood out. Continue reading

Our visit to Boudewijn Sea park in Bruges, ignited my fantasy of swimming with the marine mammals. It will be definitely one of my ultimate bucket list experience and a dream come true! To have a total up close experience with the intelligent dolphins and being able to pet, cuddle and swim with these charming and gentle marine mammals.

Visiting this Sea park was a beautiful experience of the dolphins and the sea lions shows. It was an exciting show where we got to watch the trainers enjoying an amazing interaction with these beautiful mammals. In the shows, Continue reading

Having been born and raised in Kenya, going to the National Parks doesn’t really excite me. The irony is that I’m married to a Belgian who really loves anything to do with wild animals; be it going for Safari, game reserves and the list goes on. What a contrast! 😉

But with age, I have come to realize that If you want to enjoy life, try to expand in all the aspects of your life. Open yourself to new ideas and new things even if you don’t like them! At least knowing them will always take you further along into being a more experienced and more well-rounded person in this world! Yeppy! 🙂 My visit to Zoo Antwerp did exactly that! It is the oldest animal park in the Belgium, and one of the oldest in the world, established on 21 July 1843. Continue reading

My first experience in a theme park or an amusement park was in Walibi. It was such an amazing and a memorable experience. Thanks to my husband for the Mother’s Day treat! There was a selection of different types of rides, shops, restaurants and other entertainment outlets.

Apparently, the weekends are the busiest and on these days, you can expect to queue for the rides especially when the weather is nice. On Mother’s Day, it was much better as it was quieter like a week day. Maybe because allot of people were busy treating their mothers. What a great timing! 😉 Continue reading