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Who am I

My name is Anne Wambui Kanyi, and I welcome you to Wambui’s Diaries!

More About Myself

I was born and raised in Kenya. Currently, I live in Belgium.

Hello Dear Reader,

Anne Wambui Kanyi

Why Wambui’s Diaries?

While growing up in Kenya, I always wanted to travel throughout the world.

 I never did anything about it until I went for a holiday in Cape Town.

I really enjoyed that holiday and I decided from that day foreward that I was going to follow my dream.

Later on, I got married to my husband and fortunately, we both shared the same passion which is traveling. And as they say, the rest is history…

Indeed, traveling has made me a better person.

Being a lover of anything positive and I enjoy sharing my travel and my real-life experiences to inspire and to enlighten others. This is why I decided to start Wambui’s Diaries. 

✦Wambui’s  Diaries is dedicated to:

  • Sharing our travel stories, experiences and travel tips to help people travel more and create better memories
  • To share real simple fashion styles and tips to solve the daily wardrobe dilemma for women
  • To share my everyday life experiences and interests as a source of inspiration, ideas, and tips for my reader

Which Day Do I Post New Content?

I publish a new blog post once a week.


Do you have any comments, questions, or ideas about my blog posts? Please feel free to contact me and share them with me.

I hope that these experiences will inspire you to try something new or to travel to a new destination. 

Thank you for stopping by and for checking me out! I hope you’ll join me on my journey.

Anne Kanyi
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