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Mutsy Nio Review

Mutsy Nio Baby Stroller

The baby stroller is one of those things that you think about when expecting. This review of the Mutsy Nio will help you to make your decision on whether to invest in it or not. It is based on my own experience and I hope that you have a safe delivery. The following are some of the tips to use when looking for a baby stroller:


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Easter in Kenya

Easter Celebrations in Kenya

Easter is not just another holiday to take a rest for a lot of Christians in Kenya. But it’s a day that they take the main reason for this season at the back of their minds even as they choose to do other things. Besides, we can’t deny the fact that how they celebrate this holiday has changed over the years. But there is one thing that has remained and it is for sure. And that is Christians in this country still enjoy celebrating Easter. The older generations seem to have done a great job in teaching their children the importance of this day in the Christian calendar. And of course, we can’t forget to applaud the young Kenyans for upholding this tradition.


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Trying to Get Pregnant Tips

At a certain age, you settle down. And after trying to get pregnant and it’s not going as fast as you expected, then the tips on how to get pregnant become handy. This is because to the majority of the people when they are young, this happens fast and sometimes it happens unexpectedly. The following tips are from my own journey and I hope that they will be helpful:


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