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No matter where you are  from or your age, there is nothing quite like seeing wild elephants for the first time. Just some few meters while  driving down the road inside the Tsavo East National Park, we suddenly saw the elephants at a distance. There were several red colored spots standing out amongst the green vegetation. It was clear that they were moving towards the direction of our way. The guide stopped the van and we waited patiently. Within some few minutes, they were right there in front of us crossing the road, just a feet away from our van. They peacefully walked  and there was nothing out of the ordinary. It was such a special experience for me as a lover of elephants.

The red elephants of Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park owe their color to the red soil, which they roll in as a dirt bath. The dust serves as an important anesthetic to protect the elephant’s skin. It also has the added bonus of shining up their tusks in to an almost silver appearance. The elephants take every opportunity they can to bathe in water holes and rivers in the park. As they dry the mud deposited remains on their skin and their color has effectively changed.

There is a high possibility that you may not even get to see the Big Five on your first safari because the wildlife  is unpredictable. But in Tsavo there are so many families of elephants that you can’t miss out. An African safari is an amazing experience and is something you need to experience for yourself….

What I was really overwhelmed with by Africa was its tremendous natural beauty; I got to go to some pretty amazing places. Every other weekend we got a day or two off and go on a safari or the natural wonders of Africa and if anyone gets the opportunity to go there, it’s something you have to do in your lifetime. ~Edward Zwick



  • Don’t leave the vehicle
  • Keep your distance from the wildlife
  • Always listen to your guide
  • Don’t ask the guide to drive off road in areas where this is prohibited

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