Crazy Travel Tales from Rome


Having five nights to spend in Rome  (Part I) & (Part II)  during Christmas, we had an action packed holiday.  In our adventure to explore Rome, we decide to narrow down our focus and to visit the Vatican, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Colosseum and Roman Forum. This is because Rome is a big city with allot to offer. Therefore, it  could take us a life time to explore it.

What happens in Rome, stays in Rome, right? In this case, I really don’t think so! To have a great travel content writing for my readers, I think that it’s  important for me to write  about all concrete details (both positive and negative) of a destination.

While traveling, there so many encounters which are breathtaking, memorable and also unexpected. All these experiences are the ones that  make traveling interesting. In this blog, I have decided to share the crazy travel tales or even embarrassing moments  from our adventures in the capital city of Italy . In real sense, these crazy travel  stories might make you wonder why I would go back to Rome. Without a doubt, I will go back to Rome again and again, but I’ll be alittle more cautious.

Indeed,  while traveling or even in real life, the unexpected always happen! (more…)

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Viewing The Flower Carpet In The Capital Of Europe


The Flower Carpet on the Brussels Grand Place is something absolutely worth seeing once in your life. I’m so glad that this summer, I crossed it off my bucket list. The tapis de fleurs (French) or bloementapijt (Dutch), is one of the city’s most famous attractions, as every two years the historical Grand Place gets covered with  colorful flowers for a few days.

Where to find the Flower Carpet 

 Normally, the viewing of the Flower Carpet is at the Grand Place. This is the central square of the City of Brussels and it is considered as one of the most beautiful places of the world. It plays host to numerous festivals and concerts all along the year. In 1998, it was registered on the World Heritage List of the UNESCO.

The Grand Place is surrounded by the guild houses, the City Hall and the Maison du Roi. It has an absolutely stunning 17th century architecture. The combination of Gothic and Baroque styles are beautiful by day and also by night when the area is softly lit by lamps from the surrounding buildings. (more…)

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Most Memorable Holiday Experience

When people ask me about my most memorable holiday experience so far, it’s always tough for me to pinpoint my absolute best. This is because they are mostly all great for a variety of reasons and  at different levels. Some moments that I have experienced while travelling ended up completely blowing me away in way that I never expected. Years later, I still smile at the fond memories. (more…)

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Top Things To In Cape Town, South Africa
Enjoying The Beauty Of The Table Mountain

Top Things To In Cape Town, South Africa

In 2011, I received the  book The Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela from a friend.

After several days, I started reading the book written by one of the icons of African History: Nelson Mandela. This good read began my fascination with a visit to Cape Town, South Africa.


Dreams Do Come True

After several months, I was heading to Cape Town thus, dreams do come true!

To begin with, the flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town had an impressive panoramic view across the  mountains, the winelands and great sandy beaches. Certainly, I could not wait to explore the beautiful Cape Town.


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The Red Elephants of Tsavo East, Kenya

First and foremost, going on safari for the first time you might probably have many questions. Certainly, consulting a local tour guide would be of great help for you to prepare for a Kenyan safari.

Kenya offers beautiful scenery, fantastic game viewing, and a series of bucket list activities. If you love adventure and you do not like  following the proverbial tourist beaten paths, then you’re really spoilt with choices. Of course, for you to have the best and unique experiences, depend on:

  •  Your budget
  • The timing
  • Your hopes and expectations

The main reasons why we chose Tsavo East National Park, is it’s close proximity  to Mombasa and the love of elephants.

The First Experience Seeing The Elephants In The Wild

No matter where you are  from or your age, there is nothing quite like seeing wild elephants for the first time!

Just after some few meters while we were driving down the road inside the Tsavo East National Park, we suddenly saw the elephants at a distance. There were several red colored spots standing out amongst the green vegetation. It was clear that they were moving towards the direction of our way. The guide stopped the van and we waited patiently.

Within some few minutes, the elephants were right there in front of us crossing the road, just a feet away from our van. They peacefully walked  and there was nothing out of the ordinary. It was such a special experience for me as a lover of elephants! (more…)

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A Chances To Feed, Kiss And Learn More About Giraffes

ur recent trip to  Kenya, we  had a chance to visit one of the top sights in Nairobi; Giraffe Centre.

It is located in Karen suburbs, around 20 kilometers away from the city centre.


What To Expect

This sanctuary offers the chances to meet, feed and learn more about giraffes. There is a small charge for entry but no limit on the amount of time that you can spend with the giraffes.

I also loved the fact that there is no prior booking required.

How Are The Services Provided

The staff gave us clear instructions and  they were particularly welcoming and encouraging towards children. (more…)

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A Visit To The Ancient Ruins Of The Palace Of Knossos


The Palace of Knossos is located  5 km southeast of the city of Heraklion, on the Kephala Hill. In fact, it is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site in Crete.

How Our Adventure Began

Every traveler has their own share of mishaps and funny stories during their travel adventures. Consequently, we try to learn from each one of them and also hope that they will never happen again. One of those unexpected scenarios, happened to us at the entrance of the Palace of Knossos.

Unluckily, when we arrived here around 9 a.m,  the queue to get in was horrendous.

It was unfortunate that we couldn’t buy tickets online. This is because the tickets are only available at the ticket office located at the entrance of the Palace of Knossos.

After queuing for some time, we finally bought the combined tickets to the Palace of Knossos and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.

On a positive note, contrary to the majority of museums, the Greek museums don’t charge the minors.


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