Sluis, Netherlands

One of my favourite towns in Europe that I really enjoy visiting, is Sluis. It is a small town in the West of the Southern Holland. It’s just a few kilometres from the coast and sits right on the Dutch-Belgian border, which makes it a popular day-trip destination for Dutch and Belgian visitors.

The Sex Shops

The first time that I ever visited Sluis, I was really surprised by the number of sex shops in such a small town. This was one of the culture shock for a Kenyan girl. It’s not possible in Kenya to find sex shops all over and  I can’t imagine how the reaction would be from the older generation.

I am always open to learn new stuff and I had a chance to visit several sex shops. A sex shop is just like normal shop, the only difference is that they sell sex  merchandise. You can find anything related to sex including sexy clothing to the extreme attributes in different sizes, color and shapes to suit the preference of the customers. (more…)

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